How to create a memorable pub crawl

Pub crawls are type of drinking excursion where the guests visit several pubs or bars on a specific route and proceed to consume a lot of alcohol. A pub crawl generally lasts from 3 to 4 hours. Participants visit every bar on their way to continue to drink while they travel from one bar to another. The majority of patrons will look to enjoy cheap drinks. This is the reason that most bars and pubs along the route usually offer special hours or discounts for drinks within a specific time (usually three to four hours).

The main reason for why these drinking tours are popular especially among young executives and college students is that they do not require membership fees , like bars or clubs. This makes pub crawls a popular drinking tour among young people. The pub crawl is also popular by foreign visitors to the city who are not acquainted with the city and its establishments.

Local entrepreneurs usually organize pub crawls, and often guide guides or tour planners to assist them. The guides will then present an itinerary that contains important information about each establishment along the route. This includes information such as the names of every establishment including their opening and closing times and locations for restrooms along the route. Guides are also tasked to assist participants in getting in touch emergency personnel in the event of need.

Many of the pubs along the route offer drinks at a reduced price during the specified timeframe set by the establishment. This is to draw patrons to their establishments at the onset of the trip.

Pubs located near one another could sign an “no competition” agreement in order to prevent customers from being restricted from drinking at other’s pubs during certain times. The drinking tours usually begin between 17:00 to 18:00 hours. Guides will inform guests of the first stop, before they left each pub.

Students in colleges and universities are the main patrons of bar crawls. Many students will host brief drinking tours to meet new acquaintances or friends that they will enjoy with. Students can also make use of such tours to show new students who have just moved into the city, landmarks and establishments around the place.

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Top 5 Tips for a Pub Crawl

1. Always start from the beginning.

It is essential to begin your first crawl at the correct place. Begin with a famous bar. If you’re beginning with a group of friends who have been on crawls before , ask them where their favorite place is.

2. Drink Water

This is the most crucial rule. Although it is to go on a pub crawl however, it’s also dehydrating. It could cause serious health issues If not handled with care. It’s very easy to forget how much you’ve had drink, making sure that you’re hydrated crucial. Be sure to drink plenty of water at every bar. This will reduce your hangover and make it easier to stay sober until you go to your next establishment.

3. Keep track of your receipts

Each of the bars on your list should be in walking distance. Therefore, it’s recommended that you record the amount of money you are spending. Make a note of every drink and write down the exact number of the initial bar. This will allow you to go back to a bar earlier for a few more drinks before moving to the next one. It’s best to drink within walking distance rather than pay for expensive cabs.

4. Be sure to pace yourself

It’s a marathon, not one that is a sprint. It’s crucial to make sure you spend sufficient time in every bar to have a great experience and don’t get too drunk. It’s not a good idea to embark on an evening out and then be kicked out after just one round.

5. Make sure you spread the word

As you near the end of your ride, it’s important that you let people know. Inform anyone that joins you for the ride at later bars about where you have been and where you’re headed the next time. This will allow them to enjoy more and make it more enjoyable for everyone. Take a group photograph at the conclusion of your bar crawl and share it on Facebook or Twitter with a shout-out to every bar.

Best of luck to college students! Pub crawls can be a wonderful method for students to celebrate holidays, last night out and other special occasions. Make sure to be responsible and enjoy yourself!

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