Save Yemen From Being Wiped Off The Map

Yemen is currently experiencing a humanitarian crisis. Yemen is currently experiencing a humanitarian crisis.

Yemen’s 16 million hungry people are daily suffering due to a deteriorating health system. Because there’s no where else to go but their homes, COVID19 victims of the virus are dying because they don’t know where to turn.

The country’s degrading conditions have created an ideal environment to facilitate HIV transmission. There are four million people who are without a permanent place to call home, and can’t just eat anything since food prices are constantly rising even as wages remain low. the money that is available is not sufficient for the basic necessities like healthcare or clean water! That’s why it’ll be difficult to contain this pandemic without assistance from outside. But, we need to act fast before it’s too to late.

While the Yemenite people have been fighting Cholera since long however, they are at risk. There’s a little hope with the support of international organizations like Save The Children US and World Vision UK, along with COVID-19.

How can you assist Yemeni people by donating money to Welfare Trusts

The welfare trusts offer food and water for millions of people during times of great suffering. They also provide COVID-19 hygiene kits to avoid infection from this virus that has killed a lot of people in Yemen already.

Welfare trusts located in Yemen have been working tirelessly for the welfare of Yemen’s most vulnerable people over the past many years. They offer aid to the most in need, even when there is conflicts or difficulties reaching their destination. That’s why they’re so essential for international agencies.

It’s a tough time for many and we’re thankful that there is assistance available to those in need. We’re hoping that through working with local partners and helping to purchase food or cash will help people get through the cycle of hunger.

Women in Yemen have received an opportunity to be reborn thanks to the many generous donors who have given their time and funds to help this cause. Maternity hospitals are part of a welfare trust, receive donations from charitable organizations to ensure that every woman can have a safe birth without suffering from dehydration or health risks when laboring. Rehabilitation facilities provide post-birth care and medication for mothers prior to their return to their families.

As a response to COVID-19, several welfare trusts are providing hygiene kits for families living in makeshift camps and delivering safe water that can be used by public facilities like schools and hospitals.

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