Whelping Boxes For Dogs

The whelping box is the most important tool for any new breeder. Without it, it’ll be virtually impossible for you to deliver puppies on your own – there are so many things that you must be doing simultaneously. And if you are tight in space, having something that folds up easily into smaller spaces could be a crucial feature for you.

Things to keep in your mind while looking at whelping boxes

Size/Capacity: Many boxes will give a suggested size range for your pet. The larger the better, but if your dog is not within that size range, is it suitable for you? Are your puppies fully grown before they can be released?

Cleanliness: the majority of containers for whelping are made from plastic. They are very simple to clean but they won’t be able to fit in the dishwasher. Do they become too big for the kitchen counter when folded?

Quality Of The Fasteners/Attachments: some whelping boxes are just flat pieces of plastic, with no real method to attach anything. Some boxes come with simple Velcro clips that wear very quickly. Others come with heavy-duty, industrial-strength snaps. Find out which one is best for your needs.

Foldability/Portability: if you are tight on space, and need something that will fit into a small room when not in use (ie: living room), then portability may be an important feature for you. It is recommended to choose a box that folds up easily and easily moves around.

Can It Be Used During Breeding Seasons To Train a Dog?

If you are planning on breeding your dog, using tools for training that are not easily converted into a whelping whelping tool could be a problem. You need to use the same tools as you use for puppy whelping as you would to breed – so if the tool you are using isn’t capable of completing both, look for another.

Do the puppies have enough space to move around? Also, you must to ensure that your dog is not placed in a cramped space during labor. If she’s got too little room to move around then the puppies will have no where to go, and they could suffocate or be crushed by their mother. The whelping pot for dogs must be large enough to allow the mother to move around easily however not so much that the puppies are unable to move around in.

Of of course, there are additional factors to take into consideration when buying the whelping boxes to give your pet. These guidelines will allow you to make an informed purchase.

Boxes for whelping are a fantastic method breeders to keep an eye on dogs who are pregnant and ensure a safe delivery. The whelping boxes will ensure that the puppies are safe from any other animals or children who may accidentally hurt them. These boxes are great to monitor mothers and their pups after they’ve been born.

High-quality whelping containers can be costly. It is possible to purchase one with removable covers if you don’t intend to breed your dog but you still require it to be durable enough as a training tool.

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